Jackie Spurrier

Artist Information

I have been painting cow portraits for five years. It started, quite by accident, when I took a photograph of a friendly cow and has developed into a passion. Living in Dorset, there is no shortage of willing models. There is nothing much better than chatting to a herd of cows over a gate, camera in hand, then getting back to the studio to try and capture their dribbling insoucianceUsing acrylic paint, I use palette knives to block in the colour and build up the textures. Then using a variety of implements, I add the detail and fuzziness. Often the background colour will change many times before I am truly happy with the picture. I get a great sense of fulfillment when I have created a portrait that conveys the character of the cow and when I see people smile at my paintings.

I have had four successful exhibitions in Somerset and Dorset Art Weeks and am now showing my work in galleries (and farm shops) throughout the West Country.